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My Animation Life offers assistance In the areas:

3D Modeling


Asset Creation

Background Painting

Character Design

Game Design


Motion Media


Please email us for more information.


Get unbiased assessment of your portfolio,

professional presence, and where you are in the industry!

Gain real insight into the inner workings of the industry!

Create a quality relationship with an industry professional!

Connect with a professional to help motivate you and keep your career on track!

How to Join Our Mentorship Program


Step 1: Registration

Reflect on what you would like mentorship for, and write us a well thought out message in our Registration Form (button is below). 

Step 2: Mentor Selection

Your mentor will be selected for you based on your unique needs outlined in your registration email.

Step 3: Preparation

To ensure that your mentorship experience is a success, you will be emailed our list of correspondence tips. This will include suggested do's and don'ts, frequently asked questions, and sample questions.

Step 4: Mentorship Session(s)

There are three communication methods to choose from: in-person, virtual (video chat or phone), and email. You may choose to use one method, or a combination of methods.

Step 5: Follow Up

If you and your mentor choose to have additional sessions, or to begin a professional relationship after your mentorship we greatly support it.

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