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Join the elite network of

animation professionals affiliated with My Animation Life!

List your membership on your resume to show your industry affiliation.

MAL Membership

Membership purchases fund the day-to-day functionality of My Animation Life, and are essential to

the sustainment of our free and low cost community outreach programs. The term of all

memberships are 1 year (365 days). Please email us with questions.





Description: You like what My Animation Life is doing and where we are headed. This plan gets you all of

our Member-Only access privileges (events, contest, meetings, etc.) without breaking the bank. Oh, and

did we mention you are the life-blood of all our free resources. We couldn't do it without you!


Annual Cost: $30.00 USD



Description:  Taking initiative is in your nature. As a reward, My Animation Life is giving you 1 portfolio

review, 1 30-minute career planning session, 20% off all My Animation Life paid events, and

access to all of our Member-Only access privileges (events, contest, meetings, etc.).


Annual Cost: $60.00 USD



Description:  You like us! You really like us! Sponsors are advertised at every My Animation Life event,

and highlighted on every event promotional flyer, video, and banner. Sponsor’s are also welcome to speak at

MAL events, and leave promotional materials for our members and patrons.


Annual Cost: $500.00 USD, OR contact us directly about Creative Sponsoring (products, space, or

services, etc.) at Please include the word “SPONSOR” in your subject header.

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