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Animation Job & Internship Hunt


My Animation Life hosts a bi-monthly meetup to assist artist in the animation pipeline in gaining employment and maintaining a healthy career.


Meetings are held at the Microsoft Store - Lenox Mall from 1pm - 5pm on Sunday of every other month.



20 person attendance cap

RSVP required

FREE Event & Parking

All are welcome!

Sharing of Job & Internship Leads
Portfolio & Resume Critique

Recording Device:

Laptop, Notebook, etc.

Job Leads:

places you’ve worked, business card collection, possible places hiring


Portfolio, Work, or Resume if you plan on sharing


Click HERE to watch more Animation Job & Internship Hunt presentations.

"Getting A Job During Hiring Season"

March 2020

Presenters: Allyssa A Lewis (Animator & Founder at My Animation Life), Chris Malone (Owner at Surf Dog Art), Fernando Vasquez (Lead Illustrator at Floyd County Productions)

"The Illustration Business"

July 2018

Presenters: Dan Flores (Founder at Art is King), Esteban Alvarado (Graphic Designer at Lunex Telecom), Ray Geier (Founder at sQuishiepuss)

"The Best You: Selling Yourself, Personal Development, and Cultural Fit"

May 2018

Presenters: Katherine Knozal (Graphic Designer at Force Marketing), Richard Goodwin (Illustrator at Marrow Man Inc.), and Allyssa A Lewis (Animator & Founder at My Animation Life)

"Diversifying Your Clientele"

March 2018

Presenters: Patricia Burgess (Production Manager/Coordinator at Independent), Katie Stockton (Art Director at Independent), and Joe Karg (Illustrator & Comic Artist at Independent)

"Thriving in an Unstable Market"

January 2018

Presenters: Ed Jacoby (Director at Hogwash Industries), Davonne Dupart (Animator at LowBrow Studios), and Chris Malone (Owner at Surf Dog Art)

"Character Design with Claire Almon"

November 2017

Presenter: Claire Almon (who has worked with Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, FX, FXX, Comedy Central, and more)

"Creative Overdose Presentation" and "Getting Your Project Off the Ground: Preparation, Estimations & Troubleshooting"

September 2017

Presenters: Tyree Morrow (Executive Director and Founder at Creative Overdose), and Andrew James Von Gravely (Project Manager and Producer at Creative Mammals)

"Character Design: The Importance of Observational Drawing"

July 2017

Presenter: Kathryn Hudson (Character Designer at Dreamworks)

"Studios Big & Small: Pros, Con, & Everything In between"

May 2017

Presenter: David Chen (Associate Character Rigger at HiRez Studios)

"The World of Online Instruction"

March 2017

Presenter: Tony Ross (Instructor at TonyTeach)

"Working Remotely 101"

January 2017

Presenter: April Borchelt (Background Painter at Nickelodeon)

"Animation Tests 101"

November 2016

Presenter: Tiffany Rishel Droke (Animator at Awesome Incorporated)

"Wheel Of Standards: The Only Constant Is Change"

October 2016

Presenter: Brandon Moulton (Senior Animator at American Gaming Systems)

"How To Work At Awesome Inc."

July 2016

Presenter: Sketch MacQuinor (Lead Animator at Awesome Incorporated)

"Caring For Your Creative Team"

May 2016

Presenters: Carrie and Alan Tupper (Creators of the comic series "Kamikaze")

"Everything You Need To Know About Working in Canada"

March 2016

Presenters: Allyssa Lewis (CEO & Founder at My Animation Life), Chris Palmer (Animator at Arc Productions), Lane Ngo (Background Artist as Titmouse Incorporated), James Bourne (Bardel Entertainment Incorporated), Bianca Gee (Animator at DHX Media), and Adriana Herrera (Animator at Copernicus Studios Incorporated)

"Merchandising Your Art"

January 2016

Presenter: Maggie Kane (Owner & Systems Engineer at Street Cat Media)

"Breaking Into Freelance"

November 2015

Presenter: Jay Li (Illustration Director at Floyd County Productions)

"Marketing Yourself"

June 2015

Presenter: Chris Palmer (Animator at The Weather Channel)

"Round Table"

April 2015

"Round Table"

February 2015

"Round Table"

November 2014

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