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Hiring an Artist with MAL

From animation celebs to basement geniuses, MAL recruiters uncover talented individuals from every aspect of the animation production pipeline.


Step 1: Fill out a New Project Form

Based on your project request, a list of questions (ranging from Company Name to Style Samples) has been sent to you. Fill this out to the best of your ability - guesses are applicable, and state what you don't know when needed. Those questions will help us narrow down which artist you should be talking to.

Step 2: Have a consultation

Now that we have your answers from the New Project Form, we need to sync with your brain. During this consultation, we will further map out the scope of your project, outline plans to troubleshoot any obstacles you may face, strategize more cost-effective ways to complete your project, and answer any of your questions.

All consultations are $250 and last 1 - 2 hours.

Step 3: Select your artists

Now that we know what you want, it's time for you to go shopping! Our recruiters comb our database of nearly 2 thousand artists from the animation pipeline to narrow down which 3 most closely meet your needs. You will be shown 3 artists work samples, and given the option to pick 2 (your primary and backup).

Step 4: Agree on milestones for the project

We work closely with your selected artist to get a realistic time estimate for the project. This final timeline must be approved by you.

Step 5: Sign contract / Begin project / Invoice first payment

Based on your contact information and project needs, a Statement of Work contract will be drafted, and we may negotiate what terms are best for both parties. You will be invoiced for half of the project cost upfront, unless an alternative payment plan has been arranged.

Step 6: Approve updates on the project

During the course of the project, we will give your progress reports (as outlined in the Milestone Sheet) so that you may always be current with your project's status.

Step 7: Finish project/Invoice final payment

The project will be turned into you, and you will be invoiced for the final payment unless an alternative payment plan has been arranged.

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