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Founded in 2015 by Allyssa A Lewis, My Animation Life was born out of her personal struggles to enter the animation industry.


"My senior year of college, I discovered how difficult it was to locate an animation studio in my state, find out what it took to work there, and network with the employees I needed to to get in. The gap between artist who were gainfully employed and those at the start of their careers was wide, and it disturbed me. Before I left school, I decided to make it my mission to narrow that gap."


In 2007 she joined ASIFA Atlanta as the Vice President, and began growing her industry knowledge, mapping out the Georgia animation scene, and helping ASIFA Atlanta become the largest animation society in the Southeastern United States. In 2014 she resigned, and joined the advisory board to kickstart the planning of My Animation Life.


"Curating film festivals will always be one of my loves, but I stepped down in ASIFA Atlanta to focus more on the business and employment side of the animation industry."


Today My Animation Life (MAL) is a resource organization and staffing agency dedicated to the career advancement and placement of artist within the animation-related industries. From animation celebs to basement geniuses, MAL recruiters uncover talented individuals from every aspect of the animation production pipeline. Through utilization of the MAL database, hundreds of artist are categorized to fulfill the needs of any animation-related project. Offering everything from Georgia's most inclusive animation map and calendar to portfolio reviews and workshops, MAL provides hands-on career path planning to artist at every stage.


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