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Question: How do I join the My Animation Life team?

Answer: There are many teams to join within 
My Animation Life. All you need to do is send a descriptive email to info@myanimationlife outlining exactly what you would like to do. Then fill out THIS FORM.

Question: I'm still improving my skills and portfolio. How can I find employment assistance in my field outside of what is offered in the Classified section and through your staffing services?

Answer: Every second Sunday of every other month we host an Animation Job & Internship Hunt. We bring in a lead/senior/executive of a local studio, and have them tell you what it takes to get hired at their company. They are also there to look at your current skills and portfolio and tell you how you can improve. These meetings take place in Atlanta, GA, but can also be seen on our YouTube page.

You could also book a mentorship through us. We are connected with hundreds of professionals throughout the animation pipeline who are willing to hold your hand through your skill/portfolio enhancement and employment search.

Question: I just signed up in your Artist Database. What personal traits will move me to the top of your staffing decisions?

Answer: A strong portfolio and good reputation for being reliable on projects.

Question: I'm not an adult. Can I still be a part of My Animation Life?

Answer: Yes, youth are welcome at all of our events, can become members, and can join My Animation Life behind the scenes. We also partner with a special teen program called Currents that caters only to teenagers. If you are under the age of 16, it is recommended that you are accompanied by a parent or guardian.