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How To Book An Appearance
Let us know the who, what, when, where, and why of your event. Then we can work together to create a custom presentation that will

best suit the needs of your

event and audience.


If you are would prefer a prepackaged presentation, choose from our list of popular panels, workshops, and classes! All titles are
flexible and can be customized

to fit your needs.

“Breaking into Animation”
The animation industry is a competitive field with an expansive range of opportunities. Discover unique ways to get your foot in the door from some of the industry’s most clever professionals.

"How to NOT be Unemployed"
In a fickle industry like animation, it's important to know how to keep the clients coming as an
independent contractor, and how to stay employed with a studio.

"Animating on a Budget"
Informative presentation and Q&A session on
various methods and equipment that can help artist create animation with little to no funds or

"Upping Your Art Game"
Regardless of your current situation, you could do better. Join this fact driven open discussion on what can be done to improve your current art game!

"Social Media and the Independent Artist"
An in-depth view of branding for social media,
promoting yourself, staying safe, general codes of conduct, and making the most of your time.

"Animating for American Television"
Find out what it’s really like to work in the US
animation industry from professionals who have made a living working in it.

“Getting Your Film Into A Festival”
Successful film submission takes more than what is outlined in the application requirements. Gain insight from veteran film judges on what it really takes to get your film accepted.

"Let's Make an Animation"
Come knowing nothing, but leave having created an awesome animation! Go through the entire animation pipeline with industry professionals.


"Animation Exquisite Corpse"

I'll draw some frames then pass them to you, you'll draw some frames and pass them to someone else, and so on so forth. This highly collaborative process will produce an animation as unique as the people involved.

“[Insert Software or Technique] Demonstration”
MAL houses a wealth of industry professionals that teach on every aspect of the animation process. Some of our most popular classes are on: Lip Syncing, Character Rigging, Character Design, Toon Boom, Cinema 4D, Flash, and After Effects.


"Artist Contract Writing 101"

Learning to draft your own contracts will not only save you money in legal fees, but give you more confidence and credibility when working with clients, and a better grasp of your profits

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